Controversial “Home Security Bypass” Service From Comcast


A the start of February Comcast announced plans for a add on service “Home Security Bypass” an alternative to the pay as a service Home Security service Comcast already offers as a service in all Xfinity markets.

The new Home Security Bypass service allows subscribers to bypass any Comcast home security services for any subscriber as long as they are in good standing and paying the monthly add on fee. A criminal simply enters the home. Signs into the security or wifi with their Comcast ID, and turns off the alarm and cancels police calls.

Analysts expect Comcast to significantly increase revenue now that they are targeting a new market subset of criminals.

Representatives from Comcast indicate expected rates for start markets to around $89.99 a month that later increases to 299.99 halfway through your minimum one year contract. Also guaranteed is cold sales calls to get you to add channel packages to your plan on a weekly basis.

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