BMW Bug Fixed After Thousands of Complaints from Owners

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Munich, Germany – BMW has announced a patch for BMW Driving Assistant on Thursday that will fix a prolific bug that has many BMW drivers worried about the safety of their cars.

According to the patch notes, the bug fix will prevent warning lights and sounds from appearing under certain driving conditions.

“I had just picked my car up from the dealership and started driving home when suddenly this annoying ticking sound started playing. I had never heard anything like it while driving so I started panicking. Then I noticed the blinking light next to my steering wheel. I pulled over from the left lane into the shoulder immediately to call a tow truck.”

The bug appears to mostly affect the car while highway driving. Drivers report a repetitive ticking noise along with a warning light on the dashboard. Luckily the issue appears to have been fixed completely. BMW fans on Twitter have reported that they are once again able to drive on highways without fear of the ticking noise returning.

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