Five Foods You Shouldn’t Eat


We all are pretty sure what we should eat, and what we want to eat. But nobody has taken the time to write out what we shouldn’t eat. Outlined below is five foods you absolutely shouldn’t eat.

1) Red Meat

If your natural intuition is that the color red is bad, you’d be right. Lots of scientists have been saying recently how red meat is very bad for you. For that reason I’ll never eat it.

2) Red Vegetables

Uh oh, here’s another red food. If you have learned anything from scientists in 2022, it’s that you should avoid red foods.

3) Ice Cream

It’s sugary, and cold. I also heard a rumor this is often made with juices extracted from a large land mammal! The two deadly killers. This one is a no-brainer!

4) Water

If you’ve ever picked up bottled water at a vending machine, you’d have seen its nutrition information. Water is completely non nutritious and vitamin/calorie free. It’s like drinking Styrofoam!

5) Rocks

My nutritionist has told me time and time again, and say it with me: Don’t Eat Rocks. This is one that more people should know. I find this one particularly hard to phase out.

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