Biden, Trump Campaigns Pledge They Will Still Run for Office in the Event of Their Death


Washington – The Joe Biden campaign recently announced their plan to run for re-election. As well as the Trump campaign doubling down in their response to the suggestion of death interfering in the next term of either president.

There has been a lot of speculation in regards to the health of the current sitting president and former president. Many social media users have been vocal in thinking Biden will not make it through the existing term, and “definitely wont make it through the next”.

This news stemmed from a journalist asking what are campaign fallback plans in the event of Biden’s death, they responded that they would still continue the campaign.

In response to this, the Trump 2022 campaign announced that Trump would “die better” and “run the greatest dead presidential campaign ever seen.” When asked for clarification on how it would work campaign spokes people declined comment only stating they could not disclose their secrets to a superior, “anything with the Trump name is better by default” muttered one spokes person in the call.

Electable Nation had done some digging into precedent of elections from dead officials and actually found its not terribly uncommon. There is records on the internet of both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington having runs during the digital era.

One such tweet can be seen here:

We know campaigns can be divisive, but even so what do you think about this 2024 election development?

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