Breaking: New Pick for Important Government Office Announced

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Conservative officials announced their latest pick for an important capital office. An old racist white male. The old racist white male will be assuming office later this July with much fan fair and praise from President Trump and his cabinet. They are expected to lay monumental progress to breaking down the opposing parties legislation.

Not all politicians are enthused with this new pick. Democratic officials went on record to state we would have been far better off with their selection. Earlier those officials had stated their strong support of an ethnic woman who cannot use a computer without assistance. In contrast the independents pushed strongly for an average man who strongly thinks we have not scientifically proven the roundness of the earth.

The appointment comes as a shock to many, as previously many conservative officials distanced themselves from the old racist white male for inappropriate statements toward staff in his previous office. When contacted his previous chief of staff declined to comment on the appointment or previous debacle.

It is not yet clear how this will impact policies in the later half of an already chaotic 2018. However many analysts assert these appointment are significantly better than our status quo and alternative which is absolutely no action. Most citizens agree, absolutely no action is devastating for our country and economy.

Nearly 60% of Electable Nation readers felt they would must rather be given a government subsided Nintendo Switch instead of hear any more politics. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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