Rhode Island to become the smallest 3 states.

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Providence, RI. – Rhode Island officials decided at 5pm EST 6/29/2018 that the state should formally split into 3 smaller states. “Our state is great. There is only one way to become greater, and that is becoming a part of a collective of the 3 smallest states!”, stated Governor Raimondo Friday evening at a press conference.

Rhode Island already the smallest state in the nation just beating Delaware by 909 square miles. The former state will now collectively be one of 3 smaller states named Island, Rhode and Rhode Island.

Rhode Island officials have yet to release the official new borders however debates over sizes have already flooded Twitter and Facebook. Many residents began creating petitions on change.org to have their region part of the new formed smallest state. Debater over which of the 3 names the smallest state would receive.

Some protests broke out in Providence streets over the new naming being discriminatory. “Previously the state wasn’t and Island but now we are going to take the island out of the non Island piece of the state? That’s outrageous, any state can have naming it chooses regardless of its original geography.” said a protester who declined to be named online.

The economic effect is said to be massive as economic analysts estimate as much as 100 million in tourism as Americans will get to now tour the 3 smallest states all in the same trip. Many hospitality chain companies are already seeking an increased presence to account for an accumulation of traditional American road trips increasingly passing through the States.

Many OCD sufferers rejoiced the United States will be skipping the count of 51 states and jumping straight to 52.

What does this mean for the other 49 states? Share your thoughts.

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