President Biden Realizes iPhone Gas Economy Game is Not Actually a Game

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White House officials announced the recent gas price fluctuations were due to the President “unintentionally modifying price variables”. The embarrassed press secretary disclosed to the press late Wednesday.

“Many of our primary economic functions have been migrated to electronic management, of which fuel and energy prices are as well. This electronic system communicates with energy providers to determine the proper economic indicators for energy prices” the press secretary stated.
“Certain leaders required gamification of the electronic economic control systems. The gamified version allows economic experts to advise the president through scenarios. This was a case where it was not properly communicated that the actions had real effects.” the press secretary also disclosed.

The press statement failed to disclose if the earlier drastic price increases were directly related to this. Our energy economists however seem to think this is definitely the case. When pressed for the specifics in how much control the executive branch actually has no answer was given.

Electable Nation press also asked for comment on if other critical systems the president has to interact with are “gamified” but was not given a direct answer.

Previously speculation held that instability in Europe and Asia was the result of rising prices. However these details certainly bring those conclusions into question.

Are you finally seeing relief at the pump? Will the lower prices remain? Let us know in the comments.

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