Elon Musk’s “Solar Dimmer Switch” Climate Change Solution


Twitter users went crazy over the latest suggestion for Elon Musk. The tweet exclaimed the idea shortly after a debate over the fact the majority of carbon emissions comes from the super rich. The hotly debated topic was quickly over shadowed by the new idea, which many presume Space X could be utilized to execute.

Recently Space X has been pushing to acquire more government contracts. It could be deduced that a service that can help moderate the effects of climate change is a step toward that goal. Recent Space X job posts indicates the company has actually tried to hire green energy specializing engineers as well as standard electricians. More so electricians with a specialization in solar fission.

Locals of Boca Chica, TX actually report seeing scaffolding being up over a base resembling a large white rectangle.

Could this be the look of the new climate change tool?

Space X declined to comment in regards to the new climate change solution.

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