California to Transition Entirely to Clean Coal

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It is no secret that California has been trying to move entirely to clean energy generation for the past decade. Governor Gavin Newsom announced a now finalized plan to modernize California’s electrical grid in order to push the state forward in Green Energy. Newsom’s plan involves transitioning California entirely to running of of clean coal.

“We have been seeking a cleaner more reliable grid for quite some time. Its about time we move past our out dated and dangerous nuclear, our hazardous wind, and unstable solar. That is why today I announce our adoption of an executive order to move entirely to Clean Coal Energy Generation.”

The order involves the dismantling of all of California’s current generation capacity meanwhile replacing it with coal powered facilities.

“I’m pretty sure this will just result in us protesting.” an unnamed professor from the University of California at Berkeley.

There is no development on if other states will start to follow in California’s footsteps. Alternatively it may take a while for the state to prove this method before we see other states duplicate the efforts.

The states grid operator, Pacific Gas and Electric, declined comment on the legal development. PCG stock was up a shocking 10.7% post announcement.

Meanwhile some other states have some nonsensical legal movements happening.

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