Study: PlayStation Users Brain Damaged


The results are in from the 5 year gamer study and the initial findings are shocking. Study groups found PlayStation users were guaranteed to have brain damage after only 2 months of game exposure. This directly contrasts with the control groups who were instead exposed to PC, and Nintendo games.

Dr. Gabriel Luorca from the National Assembly of Video Game Intelligence chimed in on the results, “we have known these findings for years now, but we finally have the quantitative data to prove to parents and gamers alike, Sony PlayStation is just detrimental to mental health and stability.”

Sony has yet to respond to requests for comments on the Study.

Subjects placed with direct exposure to game play on PlayStation units exhibited a sharp 50 point average drop in IQ points on at-least 95% of participants. The discrepancy remained fairly steady despite participant’s game involvement varying from 1 hour casual players to 12 hour daily intense gamers.

Control groups exhibited to the same game exposure but limited to games on other platforms did not exhibit the same drop. In fact study details indicated that a steady IQ measurement was retained for the duration of the study or a slight increase, which was up to 10 points in some subjects. 

Electable Nation writers met to discuss findings of the study prior to this article and writer consensus seems to be there is a clear difference in those who regularly game on PlayStations.

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