New Dream Wake Up Service Gaining Traction

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San Francisco – A new hip startup is spreading like wildfire in the alternative facts scene. Dreamiate, a new wake-up sharing startup has gained over 100k new users in the past month alone.

CEO and founder Catherine Henderson first promoted the idea that all the negative events occurring the world are simply a result of people just being asleep.

“Dreamiate was created to wake people up from the nightmares they cant escape. The way it works is you may realize or suspect you are in a dream. Then you contact Dreamiate and leave it to us to get you out of it.” Henderson informed.

Continuing business growth as been identified to source largely from social media. Many of which indicated it was displayed along say political articles both sides are now calling alternative facts. Political analysts are currently unsure of the direct impact such a service can have. But economics analysts agree, Henderson has herself setup for business the next several years.

Critics argue there is no validation subjects were in, or were revived from said dreams and proclaim this could just be another passing fad. However short term month on month growth, even since Dreamiate was founded February 2016, says otherwise.

It looks like we will just have to wait and see who is really waking up here.

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