Fail: Melania Trump Wears Jacket With “This is a cry for help.” On It To Press Conference.


Citizens are very alarmed at Melania Trump’s latest fashion. Twitter blew up as a result of it with comments over the outrage that Mrs. Trump was spotted wearing a Jacket with “This is a cry for help.” inscribed on the backside.

“It’s a jacket,” her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said in a statement to reporters. “There was no hidden message.”

However many journalists do not feel the same way. Mrs. Trump has never been one to shy away from coding pointed, not necessarily, popular communications into her wardrobe. All of which suggests there is very little chance she did not know what she was doing with that. So who was the target of that not-so-hidden message?

“I honestly just think it’s another publicity stunt.” says Carl Jackman of Salt Lake City. “The Trump team is very good about viral marketing of their image. This is just the latest ploy to get all the spotlights on them again.”

When asked for comment White House Press Secretary cited “I’m going to wear whatever I want and I don’t care what you think about it.” However in deliverance of that failed to note if it was directly from the First Lady herself or just a standard public response issued by White House staff.

Many feel Mrs. Trumps clothing is a message board of sorts for her personal messages to get out past Trump’s press regulation and restrictions. This time though many citizens think it is a legitimate cry for help. Let us know, what do you think?


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