Pro COVID? Organization For COVID-19 Virus Rights


A new organization has formed to help fight for rights for COVID-19. PROVID, a pro covid organization, is taking the fight to the US senate this week declaring the infamous coronavirus variants are indeed living things and deserve rights. Including the right to spread from individual to individual without the hinderance of personal protective gear, vaccines, or immune boosting.

“You cannot deny the will of universe in the spread” says Arthur Pensky 41, an officer of PROVID. “We are not advocating for anything insane, just allow nature to take its course.” says Arthur.

The organizations controversial views stirred and uproar of support and opposition on twitter when they announced plans to speak to Congress about restricting COVID-19 prevention. Science organizations fired back declaring that viruses are not truly alive, just merely genetic code enclosed in proteins. ProVid called the tweets “offense” and “unjustified, unconfirmed fake news”

The Pope also made a statement that we cannot declare COVID itself is not one of God’s creations. “We must consider that this is a more recent creation that much as we do not understand his plan, we cannot understand why it is here. We must be gracious to all of God’s creations.”

The White House declined to comment further on the movement only stating there is “no scientific backing on those views”.

Political analysts view this as a very likely point of contention in 2022 congressional elections and potentially even making it into a debated topic for the 2024 presidential election.

Community View

“One thing is for certain, our current stance is very anti covid in this nation. If this ideology spreads… or is confirmed to have substance behind the scientific aspect of it.. We are in for a very big upheaval in society.” Walter Lexington 50, a science and medical correspondant for EN.

Where do you stand? Free the virus? or stand with team #VACCINE? Let us and our community know.

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