Hacking Free Cellular Service on Your iPhone


It’s a little known fact there literally no reason to pay your cell phone provider. Yes thats right, you are being SCAMMED. Keep reading to see how to address this with your iPhone.

First, you need to make sure you are using an iPhone, guide for Android phones to come soon. Make sure you are on an iOS greater than 15.1. You will also want to make sure you are in an area with good coverage, no basements, or metal buildings, definitely do not be near someone with a COVID vaccine as that will interfere.

Once of you have made sure you meet all of the criteria, power on your phone. Navigate to the settings app. If you cannot find the settings app Apple may be blocking you from taking advantage of this awesome savings. Once you are in settings, find the switch with the airplane next to it, and flip it on. Wait a few moments as the iPhone cellular radios calibrate to this no activity state. Exit the settings app. If you are connected to wifi make sure it is a safe wifi network as this process will make you vulnerable to hacking.

At this point you can reboot your phone. Once your phone is rebooted you will see the airplane icon still on your phone. This is good. Go ahead and turn your airplane mode off. Congratulations you are now connected to a cell network again.

Maybe you’re into hacking like this, maybe not. If you are make sure you see our other guides.

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