The Real Secret Behind Running a Major Bank

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A major bank yet again proves evil is a great business plan. After a decade of scandals, leaks, theft and media attention, the major national bank brand continues to post record profit and account growth.

“We were considered when the first scandal broke, but then we realized people will use us no matter what. We can steal from accounts and it will just be accepted with minor complaining.” said a bank employee who wished to be named but we declined to say.

Many are left to wonder what horrendously unethical or morally bankrupt action the bank chain will take next. We can say with certainty, it’s going to be nasty.

“Its a ridiculous easy system, we lend people who cant afford things money, and force them into near eternal slavery at 20+ percent interest.” “Win win for us, survive for them” said a banking insider.

“The best part is, without a massive level of capital, nobody can really compete!” said another insider on the monopoly of the financial industry.

What action are we taking on this? Probably none. Well all we will say is these banking stocks are a buy.

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