Intel To Produce Potato Chips

Economy Technology

Intel announced today that it will pivot to a new architecture. Completely outside the realm of computing. Actually producing potato chips.

This pivot comes after continued declines demonstrated in the consumer PC market. Intel has presented with less than desirable earrings and growth reports. Speculation is that competitors like AMD and other ARM based chip supplies are pushing Intel to run hotter than ever.

Intel plans to retro fit its exist chip fab facilities to accommodate the new culinary food grate production they will take on. Analysts believe Intel’s existing core i9 series chips can be leveraged to heat the oils required for mass potato chip frying.

“We anticipate our new chips will outperform the market and be market leaders… in taste.” Intel CEO stated in a press briefing.

One thing is for sure, we cannot wait to try the new flavors. Hot Heatsink, Savory SSE, and X Eighty Six are a few of the flavors we anticipate.

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