Vladimir Putin Says Russia ‘Seriously Considering’ Unfriending United States

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Vladimir Putin said Russia may consider formally unfriending the United States on popular social media site Facebook. The statement does not come as much of a shock to the world considering the constant rhetoric the Kremlin has been putting out for the past several years.

The US and its allies have denounced Putin for what they call nuclear saber-rattling over his invasion of Ukraine. Russia blames the West for raising the issue first, although Kremlin officials began the threats.

Putin noted that “(Russia) has numerous other friends” so its continued friendship social media was no “necessary”.

It’s speculated that the divide in the friendship on the platform comes from a lack of the White House actually liking any of Vladimir Putin’s recent posts.

No timeline has was announced by the Russian President. The White House has also made no statement on the possible unfriending. It’s very likely Biden will attempt to privately message Russia but instead post a public status update.

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