Alarming Behavior In Local Bar

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A local man in a bar watching a ball on a television had “alarming behavior” according to a few of the patrons. This man from the description appeared to be extremely excitable. Any time the ball would travel from one side to the other it was met with exclamations of either pain or sheer joy.
Bar patrons looked on at the man, glazed in what could only be described as a look of glossed over horror. The man’s outbursts grew in volume and animation, it seemed a few other bar patrons that began to be overtaken by whatever emotional instability was just displayed to them.

“Is he okay, are we safe here?” a woman could be heard asking her group. “Not another damn flag!” an irate man screamed at the TVs in the background.

The scene was “indescribable” said patrons alarmed at the volume in which the now growing number of men could scream at the television. “This display is definitely not okay for children to see, and this particular location is supposed to be a family friendly one” said Mary a local.

Another phenomena observed that as more participants for the volatile crowd TV onlooking crowd arrived, there appeared to be a reoccurring theme of outfit selection. Almost as if this sickness impacted clothing selection to a certain set of color and fabrics.

Our staff is still perplexed by this behavior. Are you concerned of this potentially devastating mental disease spreading? Have potential insights to what really is causing this? Is Survivor going too far in its next season? Let us know!

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