Source of Infinite Mass and Energy Found in Obese Rhode Island Man

Health and Fitness

Doctors and scientists have recently discovered a new infinite source of energy in the most unexpected of places.

Ronald Mitchell, an obese man from Rhode Island, after becoming impatient due to no results from fad diet plans sought out advanced researchers.

“I told my doctor that I was gaining weight even though I was following my diet, and got no results I gave up on their stupid practice. Turns out my body can produce energy from nothing!” said Mitchell who is happy to share the news of his genetic condition online with his friends on Instagram and Facebook.

“The best part is, it turned out I was perfectly healthy the whole time.” Mitchell shared.

Doctor Sun, the medical researcher who discovered Mitchell’s condition, is currently researching what could be causing this incredible condition.

“The man is obviously gaining weight. Since he claims to be following his diet, the only source of the tremendous number of calories needed must be a unknown new source of energy.”

Sun is hopeful she will have discovered the amazing source of energy and matter by 2018.

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