Facebook Glitch Plagues Meme-Makers, Baffles Experts

Incredible technology: Facebook

A facebook glitch, discovered last week, has been baffling experts because of its strange payload conditions. The glitch, dubbed “MemeGate” by many users, has been deleting friends off of the accounts of thousands of Facebook Meme-Makers and sharers, leaving many accounts friendless.

Thousands of Facebook groups, from “Like if you are between the ages of 16 and 21” to “PolitiMemes” are being affected. “BEWARE USERS” posted the popular Facebook Group “Minion Memes”, “Posting any memes at this time may result in you losing Facebook friends. Please refrain from posting until this problem is resolved.” Another group has completely closed down due to the problem.

“Facebook needs to get on this quickly! I only have 33 friends left on my account. I just want to spread joy to the users of Facebook and they just won’t allow that.” said one user from the group. “I usually share the latest SoFlo videos, but this problem has scared me from sharing anything until it is fully resolved.”

Some users believe there are political reasons behind the issue. “The liberals don’t want us to see memes. Yesterday I shared an image proving Barack Obama’s birth certificate was faked and I lost 23 friends from that single post!” said one member of the group “Flat Truthers.” Another user claims businesses are paying off Facebook to hide all images critical of pharmaceutical companies and vaccines.

Many users say this glitch is an embarrassment on Facebook’s part which is comparable to last year’s Facebook Fiasco that caused users who shared Facebook game updates to have their accounts blocked most of their friends. After news of the glitch received national attention, Facebook responded that is looking into the issue. When asked about political memes, Facebook failed to comment.

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