New Stock Trading App Offers an Impossible New Feature


HedgeTrade is a new stock trading app gaming to blow away the competition by offering an impossible new feature to give it’s clients a one up on the rest of the retail market. HedgeTrade allows its top customers to request restricting trades for a stock when it’s materially beneficial to those holding a position.

Inspired by RobinHood’s incredible decision to restrict purchases of new GME shares during a unprecedented spike in the gaming retail giant’s share’s volume. This new feature should enable many more seasoned high income investors to try their hand at market manipulation.

“I wondered, what is stopping us from making some of the strongest market moves limited to the 1% of the 1% to all of the rest of the 1%. Nothing! At-least that’s what 2021 has made apparent.” says HedgeTrades CEO.

Previously market manipulation was limited to big time investors and Crypto trading. HedgeTrade has brought the ability to sway the market to assure wealth accumulation to anyone with millions in assets.

The application is expected to go live on both the Google Play store and Apple App store mid February.

When asked for comment, the SEC declined to provide any insight as to what this means for the rest of the retail trading platforms.

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